Artistic Research & Creation

Since its creation in 1998, Resource enlisted the invaluable assistance of a true ” colour archaeologist ” British, Patrick BATY to design its historical collections. Since then, other talents have made their colorful testimony to the brand : Sarah Lavoine, Philippe MODEL,  Robert Gervais and Serge BENSIMON.

Artistic Research

Ressource is a French brand of paints born in the 90’s.

Still looking for new products, the colorful merchant sublimes the interiors through the colours to bring a new style.

In total, it is close to 1’000 colours that were imagined …

Ressource proposes to you a colorful offer reinventing regularly, to adapt to the best to all living spaces. For this, Ressource works directly with the greatest creators of France. We have already had remarkable collaborations with the creator and artist Philippe Model, the designer Serge Bensimon and, more recently, the interior designer Robert Gervais and interior designer Sarah Lavoine.

Ressource is very frequently cited in the most fashionable decorating magazines.