Ressource of Inspiration!

Ressource creates collections by collaborating with leading names in interior design and fashion world, thus reinforcing its unparalleled know-how. The paint brand has partnered with Philippe Model, Robert Gervais and Serge Bensimon, and recently Sarah Lavoine.



Resource and the actors of interior architecture

In addition to these duets created during one or more collections, Ressource offers a retrospective of the colours of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The House constantly evolves, invents, and innovates to constantly renew itself and never stay on its gains. Ressource follows the tune of time, trends and innovations, while preserving its soul and its identity with its well-defined style. If Resource paints become essential to enhance the decoration, it is thanks to this combination of know-how, high quality guarantee and interesting collaborations that always give a new lease of life to the French brand.

Always in keeping with the spirit of the times, Resource respects the environment by being strongly involved in sustainable development.