All our paintings have an exceptionally soft and silky feel, unmatched resistance and great covering power. They are easy to maintain and comply strictly with the French environmental VOC emission standards. They dry quickly with minimal odor.

The Chromatic file
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We offer top quality professional paints, classified in the most demanding category: “neat and decorative work”. These paints are characterized by high efficiency, high covering power, high application comfort and excellent chromatic reproducibility.

We have designed a range of finishes and technical products (prints, underlayers, varnishes …) which adapt to all types of supports to guarantee the integrity of the original colours.

Thanks to our real sampling and the experience of our consultants, we create the optimal conditions to facilitate the choice of the final customer and offer a customized colour advice.

The exact reproduction of the chosen colours can only be guaranteed by realizing them in our finishes and by our tinting machines. Resource packaging is the guarantee.

Apart from the influence of light, the types of supports and the level of gloss of the finishes, the colours are subjected to an essential element: the quality of their components. These include raw materials, types of resins and the correctness of the formulations.

All this work is inseparable from the degree of finesse of the dyes and the relevance of their associations. The colorful offer aims to preserve the memory of the past, to reflect the creativity of its time and to remain open to the future by regularly welcoming new colorful testimonies.